Julia Scannell
Hive Napa Creative, Culinary Director

Sabine is an extremely creative designer who delivers exciting food packaging concepts that exceed the project objectives. She is a delight to work with and has responded to tight deadlines with amazing ideas. I highly recommend Sabine for design projects.

Michelle Smith
Mspace Design, 
Founder and President
I have had the pleasure of working with Sabine for 15 years - this lady is talented! At Constellation she was a valuable asset to my creative services team wearing many hats. Wine Packaging Designer, Digital Lead and Technical Support for the department. Sabine brings fresh ideas to the table and whips up design concepts with what looks like ease. Sabine is organized, a team player, hits deadlines and is very conscientious of budgets. She is just a pleasure to work with.

Marna Moretti
Don Sebastiani & Sons, Creative Manager

I have been working with Sabine for several years on wine and spirits projects, she is a very talented designer. Her work is not only creative, but she delivers on time, within budget, is detail oriented and submits impeccable final files. Sabine works concepts from beginning to end, meaning she considers the complete scope of the project so as to avoid any surprises. Sabine is not only very capable and reliable but she is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. I have complete confidence in the outcome of any project she takes on.

Susan Hoerner
Blue Horizon Design, CEO

I cannot recommend Sabine D’Amario highly enough. I have worked in the graphic design field for over 20 years, owning my own agency for most of that time, and Sabine is one of the most talented designers and one of the finest people I have worked with. We’ve worked on food, wine packaging projects together, both traditional print and website work, since 2001. She is all the things you would expect from a good designer: creative, honest in her approach, expedient, professional; but what makes her really stand out is her standard of excellence... to consistently do the absolutely best job she can, for each and every client. She has a remarkable way of seeing things in new, fresh ways that push her work in new directions. In terms of working relationships I have experienced Sabine as cooperative, straightforward and fair and she has a great sense of humor, which often shows up in her work as a lightness, a joy, that people respond to. She can be uncompromising when it’s for the betterment of the work at hand and people respect her for this, as it’s never done from an ego place. Anyone fortunate enough to work with Sabine, either colleague or client, will be enriched by the experience.

Lia Bonagura-Transue
Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Founding Executive Director

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Sabine D’Amario. Sabine has worked with the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art for five years as a graphic designer. Sabine began at SVMA working on our exhibition invitation, and has grown with increasing skill as an instrumental part of our design decisions for our exhibitions. Sabine continues to serve in this capacity and SVMA has benefited tremendously from her talent. Sabine brings many valuable qualities to SVMA. She is very much a team player, Sabine is always timely, easygoing, keenly devoted to her work and enjoyable to be around all of which I regard with evermore respect. From her early involvement with SVMA, Sabine has demonstrated the effectiveness of collaboration, teamwork, assessment and communication. She is well organized and is quite aware of the institutions needs. I look forward in continuing our relationship with Sabine, as she brings much experience and leadership and is a wonderful resource for us as our institution grows.